Who we are ?

Within the framework of the development of Morocco in the sector of renewable energies.
CMEE is a company aiming to make an ecological unit that will be the first in Morocco that targets all sectors with active companies that are committed to creating partnerships to achieve Energy Efficiency.

CMEE brings together high quality solutions Studies, Audits, Economies and efficiencies Energies in all the industrial sectors agricultural hoteliers and domestic …

audit and efficiency energitic

In carrying out audits , energy efficiencies ; CMEE you thanks to its formula reduces the cost of your bills, with better quality and time shortened by the audited energy and energy efficiency.

Energy Saving

Assessment of improvement opportunities for each opportunity for improvement , the company establishes and quantifies the annual volume of energy saving , Gas Reduction of Greenhouse Gases and figure financial gain ( from 20 % to 30 % ) .

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat

Training and support

Faced with constantly changing telemetry and SCADA techniques and with the diversity of applications, both efficient and simple-to-use products are required.

Social Responsibility

The sustainability has a central role in the CMEE strategy back to its foundation. The Group adopts an approach to the sustainability that considers its integration in planning and controlling systems, this approach found a practical implementation even through the balancedscorecard system which involves the whole management, and its continuing commitment in reporting future objectives, results and targets to the stakeholders.

Mission and values contained in the Ethic Code are the foundations of our business conduct and a point of reference to all those who work in the Group: the Strategic Business Plan and the reporting to the stakeholders are recognized in these heritage values. The balancescorecard system allows, in short, to articulate this strategy in operating projects that are an integral part of the boosting system of management.

The Strategic Business Plan confirms the growing path founded on the sustainability and that creates the value from the multiservice model, from the reliability of the economic and business results and from skills gained in over 9 years of working. The Strategic Business Plan defined strategy has reference in 3 lines of operation ways:

– Excellence in the attention of clients needs, personalizing the offering services and improving the already optimum levels reached to meet the service quality standards.

– The Efficiency to optimize the costs structure, minimize network loss and greenhouse gas emissions, also to carry out energetic efficiency projects based on customer and territory requirements

– Innovation not only as technical process and business model development, but also as tool and service evolution: An essential driving force for the objective achievement of the Structural business plan and an amplification element of opportunity of growth, efficiency and excellence

Quality And Safety

The CMEE Group environmental policy imposes framework principles that the association refers to all areas of activity

CMEE rules:

Commitment And Policy

Define environmental policy and ensure commitment towards the Environmental Management System (EMS).


Formulate a plan to provide an environmental policy.





develop capability and development mechanisms needed to realize an environmental policy, objectives and aims.


Measurement And Estimates

measure, monitor and estimate environmental performance and take the appropriate corrective actions.


Review And Improvement

Constantly reviewing and improving the EMS, with the aim of improveing the overall environmental performance.


Through the additional development of an original business model capable of innovation and a deeply rooted territorial presence, respecting the environment, CMEE intend to be the best marocain Group for his clients and partners.
For CMEE being the best means represent a source of pride and confidence for:

  • Clients, as they receive, through a constant assistance, a quality service that will meet their expectations;
  • Reference territory, as the economic, social and environmental wealth will promote a sustainable future.
  • Suppliers, as they will be take place in the value supply chain and growth partners.

To sum up:
” Great innovation and high quality projects are achieved by innovative building features and with the highest standards proposed by the market. The functionality, use and excellence of the new projected and constructed buildings will be in perfect harmony with the surrounding urban view. To the high importance architectonic and historic buildings the daily use of this space will be returned, with the most innovative restoration technique. In all this the respect of the environment is fundamental: We work to improve it without denaturalize the essence, but giving value to all of its elements and making it available to the society with the creation of renewable energy plants and applying the energy in a correct manner.”

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