On Public works review, the CMEE Group has specific skills in planning and building various works of all kinds.
CMEE activities looks after the building of:
⊕ Public lighting plants.
⊕ Environment monitoring systems for public bodies as regions, municipals, Civil Protection, Fire fighters etc.
⊕ Urban wastewater treatment network.
⊕ Public plants for waste and wastewater treatment, purification and disposal.

A CMEE Group activity branch is the estate market. The company handles both complex and full size operation and commercial and industrial market.

CMEE pays specific attention to external architecture in its plurality of forms with the purpose of showing, communicating and transmitting requested values from the client and customers. Without ever ignoring the managing functionality and economic character of commissions, fixing the definite work costs

CMEE Group has specific skills in all civil work activities. It is specialized in complex and high technologic engineering civil works.
In this characteristic field, the works are made with "keys in hand", working together with the consumer from the preliminary project to the finishing choices, selecting the best solutions and the latest innovations in technical and energetic field with a careful selection of supplier companies leading in the sector, who our partners are for years.

  We can offer a wide range of products, solutions and systems ensuring maximum flexibility to the consumer, with high efficiency and technology as well as quality.
The solutions that our Group can offer can be summarized in:
⊕ Transformer cabins with medium/low voltage.
⊕ Distribution of driving force.
⊕ Lightning installations.
⊕ Plants with remote control and remote searchable.
⊕ Building automation.
⊕ Anti-intrusion security system.
⊕ Video surveillance.
⊕ Fire detection.
⊕ Access control.
⊕ Structured cabling for LAN in 5,6,7 category and optical fiber backbone.
⊕ Telephone systems.
⊕ Terrestrial and satellite TV systems.
⊕Photovoltaic installations.
⊕ Co-generation plants.

CMEE Group deals with the construction of technology networks providing the customer with a wide range of products, solutions and systems to ensure maximum flexibility, managing and functionality in compliance with the regulatory standards, with high performance and technology as well as quality.

This particular sector includes:
⊕ Radiant ceiling heating/cooling.
⊕ Fancoils heating/cooling.
⊕ Air units heating/cooling.
⊕ Direct expansion systems heating/cooling.
⊕ Roof-top heating/cooling.
⊕ Radiators heating.
⊕ Solar thermal.
⊕ Sanitary system.
⊕ Firefighting water system.
⊕ Gas metano adduction
⊕ Compressed air.
⊕ Air extraction.
⊕ Centralised suction.
⊕ Hydraulik networks.
⊕ Pipelines
⊕ Underground networks power.
⊕ Civil and industrial waste disposal networks.
Treatment, depuration and disposal systems of industrial drain waters or landfills of industrial works.